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Tweeture’s Tweets: 2010-10-21 to 2010-10-21

This fog seems to shroud everything! i'm looking down burt cannot see you tiny #SFO snack people

The 4Ps of modern UX design: Psychology, Play, People & Permission

Returning from SXSW I wanted to write something about my experience but to focus on what I learnt and have since had time to reflect on and formulate ‘loosely’ into some sort of ordered perspective that I can use to improve my creative practice and further my business.
SXSWi was immense but there were a few [...]

Reflections on SXSW 2010

Right, here goes. Hope you don’t mind the stream of conciousness..
Kicking off with the biggest frustration – the content at SXSW just isn’t pitched quite right for me. Obviously there’s a lot of tech stuff which isn’t relavant – and the more expansive, ideas based content was often just not up to scratch in my [...]

Frameworks, Crowdfunding, Cassandra and Undocumented Wind Instruments: A look back at SXSWi 2010

There is a good overview of the SXSWi experience and sessions at:
The author of the piece, Nick Hasty writes:
“what I took away from the conference was a rejuvenation of critical, big-picture questioning, a reminder of just how drastically technology is contouring contemporary society and culture and that, ultimately, it is still in our hands to [...]

Artificial Intelligence 2010: When will AI reality catch up with Sci-Fi Imaginings?

Why has AI been taking so long to develop compared with its fictional version?
These are my notes from the SXSWi panel, which asked the question. The chair was Dr Doug Lenat of Austin based www.cyc.com (lenat@cyc.com):
“Cycorp was founded in 1994 to research, develop, and commercialize Artificial Intelligence. Cycorp’s vision is to create the world’s first [...]

South by Southwest: how the geeks took over the world’s coolest festival

Really interesting article in today’s Guardian (20th March 2010)
It questions whether the interactive element of the festival now dominates the event:
“This year has seemed like two tribes – music fan and geek, who, while not quite at war, are engaged in something of a grapple for SXSW’s soul. With fewer members of the music media, [...]

Tweeture’s Tweets: 2010-03-19 to 2010-03-19

http://twitpic.com/19l2r6 – Gone native!
What sort of person leaves me here like this? Help! Help!
Let's go, this place gives me a rash.
hey @peas4luck I am bored
Do somethin to entertain me, I'm fallin asleep here.
Somebody pick me up! Is this any way to treat a vertically challenged monster?
Help me! Pick me up! I know…this is embarrassing for [...]

The new celebs of interactive are boring.

Reflecting on the keynotes at SXSWi.  It’s well enough documented elsewhere, but Danah Boyd and Valerie Casey gave us thoughtful wide-ranging provocations – on the importance of privacy online (http://www.danah.org/papers/talks/2010/SXSW2010.html, http://twitter.com/#search?q=%23openingremarks) and ideas for how to approach systemic change in relation to some of our most challenging social problems (http://twitter.com/#search?q=%23sundaykeynote, http://twitpic.com/18sj7z).
Intelligent, pithy and extremely articulate, [...]

How the internet disrupted the music industry

Very practical session from Songkick – the UK based site that lets you know when you’re   favourite bands are gigging.
Nicely handled by Ian Hogarth (CEO Songkick) all alone which made a refreshing change from the endless panel format.
Basically, the internet has brought fans more choice, made it easier for unsigned acts to build a [...]

chasing the tweeture

One of the objectives of  the Tweeture was for it to be an object of permission. The kind of thing you could use as an excuse to talk to someone in the crowd. We wanted to do this not just because it would be fun  but because of the nature of the communications normally found [...]