Nina Steiger : Soho Theatre

Nina is Director of the Writers’ Centre at Soho Theatre, identifying and developing new plays and projects for production. The theatre is a creative hub for emerging artists and a place to explore the craft of playwriting and contemporary theatre. Prior to this post, Nina worked for seven years in the New York and regional theatres with such organisations as Ensemble Studio Theatre, New York Stage & Film and Hartford Stage Company alongside freelance work with companies such as The Foundry Theatre, proto-type theatre and Manhattan Theatre Club.

Soho Theatre is currently launching Soho Interactive, a new program to explore the potential convergences between tradition theatre and a variety of interactive digital platforms. Using game design, social and pervasive media and virtual worlds we are extending our Company’s reach, enhancing audiences’ engagement with our work and commissioning innovative new approaches to story-telling and performance.

Nina also serves as a freelance dramaturg, is on the editorial boards of Brand literary journal and Theatre Forum magazine and serves as a judge for various writing competitions and awards. She has contributed to numerous publications in the UK and US and is a Board member for ON Theatre and proto-type theater, an International Affiliate Member of the League of Professional Theatre Women and a consultant for the UK Style Council. As a writer, her work has been commissioned, produced and published in London, New York and Montreal.

A Transmedia Masterclass – Tim Kring

Transmedia – Tim Kring
Heroes – it all started with a television show.
Where did transmedia come from?  Started on November 17, 1978 during star wars holiday special.  On it, there was a short cartoon, which introduced a new character into the world.  So if you were watching the special, you wondered who he was.  That [...]

Valerie Casey Keynote

Valerie Casey
Interactive community has been absent in the conversation about sustainability but it is that community that will take a lead in moving things forward
Good fortune and ill fortune across time.  Vonnegut:  primary narratives – a bearable life, lose something important and regain it, overcoming misfortune.  Or a person who finds something they like, lose [...]

Transmedia – Are We There Yet?

The Matrix, Sorority Girls.  Storyline carried through a variety of different media.
Warner Brothers – Terminator salvation: interested in transmedia and want to incorporate throughout new properties.
District 9
Not a static thing anymore.
Big business of all kinds is doing it:  random house, NBC, Warner brothers, etc.
Juan Garcia – convergent media producer, University of Texas
Transmedia – the [...]

Playing With Place – Location-Based Games and Services

Playing With Place – Location-Based Games and Services
Katherine Herdlich – San Francisco.  Runs Come Out and Play
Location-based Gaming.  Context means everything, not just the geo location.  Blurred lines between physical and digital mean you can play anywhere.  COAP wants public forum for play, city-sized fun.  Not virtual worlds or virtual reality.  Alternate Reality games.  STREETWARS [...]

How to Create A Viral Video

How to make a viral video
Jason Wishnow – Director Film and Video at TED
Margaret Gould Stewart – User Experience manager at Youtube
Damian Kulash – OK GO
WHAT IS VIRAL VIDEO: a video where a significant amount of the viewership wants to become part of the distribution system; “anything with boobs or kittens in it.”
Something people can [...]