The Tweeture

The Tweeture is a giant robot and a monster whose practice usually focuses on smashin' things up.

However, in the past few days The Tweeture he has been forced to reconsider: having been given the honour of going to SXSWi to squash the tiny people with their stupid laptops, he was disappointed to arrive in Texas (due to a regrettable miscalculation) only 12 inches high.

The frightened and embarrassed Tweeture has been rescued from his desperate situation and adopted by The Umbrella Group.

The group have promised to make sure he is well looked after, introduce him to as many people as possible and get his new friends to teach him about being caring and kind. He has also made everyone promise that no one will stand on him by mistake.

On his return to the other Tweetures he hopes to spread the word about how friendly and interesting people are, starting a new era in monster-human relations. In the future no one will get stood on or eaten (or get the bloody maths wrong about how big things are).

Talk to the Tweeture at Use #thetweeture for pictures, videos, blogs etc.

How to play

Help The Umbrella Group look after The Tweeture by playing Can You Love a Monster?
All you have to do is find The Tweeture and ask if you can look after him. Look after him well and you will get points. The person with the most points wins. Simple.

* Follow @thetweeture on Twitter. This will tell you who he is hanging out with and what he is doing.

* When you spot him around Austin, take him off of his old friend and send the code you see on The Tweeture’s screen as an @reply to @thetweeture. Like this: @thetweeture 1234

* Now you are his new best friend. Go and do cool stuff with him. Take him places, give him lots of hugs and talk to him on Twitter.

* All of these things will get you points. More importantly, you will keep The Tweeture happy. Keep him happy and you get more time to earn points.

* You can tell what he’s feeling like by the colour of his antennae. just Green is happy, Green and Red is ok but Red is fed up. Don’t even ask about blue.

* Watch out, The Tweeture gets bored easily. Eventually he will want to meet someone else. When he gets like this, you’ll know about it.

* The better mood The Tweeture is in when you pass him on, the more points you get.

* Oh, and take him back to The Umbrella Group when he gets tired.

The Tweeture is produced by SlingShot with Hazel Grian and GreenGinger.
It is executive produced by iShed and supported by Arts Council England.

Tweeture’s Tweets: 9th March 2010

Summarising Tweeture’s day through his Twitter feed:

I will crush Austin with my giant self.
Girl geeks and boy geeks all look the same to me, you will all be squashed when I get to SXSWi.

Tweeture’s Tweets: 9th March 2010

Tweeture is giant, Tweeture is ravenous, Tweeture is comin to SXSWi
My fellow Tweetures have bestowed upon me the great honour of comin to your part of the world and squashin you all to death.